Infinity Pool



What do you know about water? Only that it’s everywhere, differently.

Roni Horn, Saying Water, Dia Art Foundation, 2001.

There's nothing unusual about top models drinking water like it's going out of fashion. But eyebrows have been raised about the amount that's delivered to Kate's house. There's even been speculation that she must bathe in the stuff, or at least use it to wash her hair. It's hard to think of any other explanation.

Jessica Callan, Eva Simpson and Caroline Hedley,
LOTTA BOTTLE; Why does Kate need all that water?
The London Mirror, April 7, 2005.

In 1992 the De Guzman family, while tending farmland, discovered a natural spring on their property in the Philippine district of Pulilan, Bulacan. Three years later, construction was completed on Villa Lorenzo: a leisure centre for locals and visitors consisting of cabanas, slides and pools β€” filled entirely with fresh spring water. The De Guzman's ran Villa Lorenzo, named for my grandfather, until 2006.