Last Resort



Last Resort is a series of portraits of two deceased R&B recording artists and performers: Aaliyah (b. Aaliyah Haughton, 1979-2001) and Left-Eye (of the group, TLC, b. Lisa Lopes, 1971-2002). Aaliyah and Left-Eye both died in separate vehicular accidents in tropical locales: Left-Eye in a car accident while on a self-imposed spiritual sabbatical in Honduras; and Aaliyah on a private jet after having completed filming of the music video for her last single, Rock The Boat, in The Bahamas.

In these portraits, stills were selected from two songs and their corresponding videos — Waterfalls (1995) and Rock The Boat (2002) (each considered seminal works in the respective oeuvres of TLC and Aaliyah) — and melded to highlight the symmetry of their respective cinematography. 

In the realm of music video artistry, representations of paradise are common, both as a place for meditative reflection, and also as an ideological space to which audiences and fans are encouraged to aspire. In Last Resort, paradise is also a parallel plane in which extinguished idols hover just beyond our grasp.